As we (Newcomers) bring our own restorative justice practices in a population with diversity,  we use newcomers alternative  traditional dispute resolution through mediation process, by:

  • Delivering restorative justice service in partnership with professional standards in the criminal justice system
  • We strive to deliver services that are respectful of the needs of victims, healing and reconciliation of parties in dispute
  • Promoting an inclusive and diversity of cross-cultural restorative justice services in newcomers’ communities, and  other communities  in the  province  of  Manitoba.
  • To mitigate, and prevent systemic causes of violence / conflict in our communities, among youths and young people, crime and deviant behaviors in our communities, promote public and community safety, respect the rule of law, and promote peace and reconciliation among community members.
  • To complement government efforts in delivering restorative justice services, practitioners of restorative justice and organizations.

Restorative Justice should be:

  • The first option in the criminal justice practice, and not an alternative
  • Customize (in programming) to the multicultural and traditional context of the population, conflict prevention, and resolution model, peacemaking and problem solving