Formal  Programming

This piece of  our program is done in collaboration and partnership with professionals in the criminal justice system that includes law enforcement agencies- the police, lawyers and judges etc. Their  is a continued ongoing discussion work in progress on this,  as we work with people who have come into conflict with the criminal justice system- The law.

As part of our formal programs,  diversion of cases ( most importantly those that are culturally sensitive )  from the police, lawyers and  the court for conflict resolution,  mediation and community reintegration  of offenders  are  integral  to our mission.

We can do professional mediation services  – A VICTIM, OFFENDERS MEDIATION – VOM  to both community members and cases that are diverted from police and court for a peaceful and an amicable resolution  between parties involved.  

As we opposed punitive retributive model in the criminal justice system,  we can develop reintegration programs  for offenders, and people who are in conflict with the law  in order to be rehabilitated  and become a meaningful  community members  as they address their past through healing and reconciliation.